Protip: Best Credit Card for Costco Purchases

TL;DR – The Fidelity American Express earns 2% cash back on all purchases, even at Amex-only Costco. Both firms are ending their relationship with AmEx, but this card and Costco are both transitioning to Visa network cards sometime this summer, so the 2% will continue. After a long work day yesterday, Ms. PTM and I were […]

Mr. PTM’s July 2015 Net Worth – Let’s Do This!

Ugh, finally! We bought the domain and set up hosting with Dreamhost and love them (more to come in a future post!), set up Zoho as our email host (sure, let’s review that too), and picked our WordPress theme (it seems clean enough, content focused, and works well on mobile too) – so now to get on […]