2019 Goals

Let’s keep this brief. Financial: Max 401k ($19k) Max IRA ($6k) Max HSA ($3,500) Pay off Student Loans ($16,231.52 remaining as of 1/1/19) Other: Take a sabbatical to redefine my purpose Get a dog Develop a regular fitness routine Give regularly to something I care about Commentary: Financial goals are looking real good with the […]

Protip: Best Credit Card for Costco Purchases

TL;DR – The Fidelity American Express earns 2% cash back on all purchases, even at Amex-only Costco. Both firms are ending their relationship with AmEx, but this card and Costco are both transitioning to Visa network cards sometime this summer, so the 2% will continue. After a long work day yesterday, Ms. PTM and I were […]